maneki_neko_studioIt’s summer! Wow, is it busy at the shop this year. It’s mid-July and I’m already booking for September. The summer is not long enough! I finished up some renovations just in time for the 12 year anniversary of opening (on Canada Day), so my little aqua studio is now black and red, I love it! We have a new gaming cafe downstairs at the Granary, The Sword And The Scone. There have been several film crews taking over Port Hope over the last couple of months, they are currently filming Stephen King’s “It”. I’m working on illustrating a children’s book at the moment, more updates on that later! Myself and 4 other local artists will be taking part in painting 5 Little Free Libraries which will be placed around various areas of Port Hope in the Fall or early Spring. My daughter is 8 years old now!! I’ll be off Wednesdays all summer to spend the day with her, they grow up so fast. I’m fortunate to have had help building this website, what a load off my mind. Many thanks to Steve Smiley at Quench Design & Communications. Enjoy your summer everybody!  


One thought on “The Cats Meow, July 2016

  1. I had both my little tattoos done by her and she is totally awesome and i recommend her to anyone. rating is a definitely 10\10. she’s extremely clean and i am very happy with her work.


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